Costumes for the Chorus I - V          
Negative Politics (No More Bushit! 1992) Negative Politics (The Party's Over 1992) Negative Politics (The Cultural Revolution is Here 1992)
Installation view at Tyler Wood Gallery, CA    
Barack Obama Masks: Photographs by Dan Starling
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Return of the Repressed - Malaspina Printmakers          


The Part of No Part (Julia Feyrer, Tiziana La Melia, Willie Brisco, Lief Hall, Sam Forsythe) - 221A Artist Run Centre
Soundtrack - Julia Feyrer Costumes - Tiziana La Melia Set Design - Willie Brisco Choreography - Lief Hall Script - Sam Forsythe Grand Finale    
Catalogue published by Brick Press              

Performance Art and Desumblimation - Essay by Dan Starling

Homeosociopaths: Tracing Cracks in the World - Essay by Dan Adleman              
Introduction to The Part of No Part - Text by Brian McBay              
Negative Politics (The Joker 2008)

Leda and the Swan (After Paul Mathias Padua)

Max's Kansas City (Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue) / Military Room (Camouflage Pattern)                


Kultur: Ultimate Fighting Championship, Cologne, Germany, June 13, 2009


The Theme is the American Dream: Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, August 25 - 31, 2008 / Democratic National Convention, Denver Colorado, August 25 - 28, 2008

Malcolm X / J.D. Salinger
Malcolm X: An Introduction by J.D. Salinger    
The Alliance for French & American Relations

How To Write A Book Of            
Flag Shirt for Abbie Hoffman     How New York Borrowed the Idea of Modern Art          
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