Texts by Dan Starling

2022 Unsettled Histories PDF

2020 Jelena and the Magic Flute, a fairytale PDF

2018 The Character of The Chorus

2018 Notes on Sans Sans Soleil

2013 Performance Art and Desublimation

2013 Photographs: Barak Obama Masks

2013 The Art of Repression

Selected Bibliography

2020 Maya Peniazek in Conversation with Dan Starling, Decoy Magazine

2018  The Theory Section by Steffanie Ling &    Fragments of an Experience of Modernity by Jeremy Arnott   PDF

2018  Deux Ex Machina: The Force in the Machine by Dan Adleman   PDF

2018  The Chorus: Introduction by Allison Collins   PDF

2018  The Chorus by Bopha Chhay   PDF

2016 Vancouver At the Movies, Canadian Art by Aaron Peck   PDF

2014  The Part of No Part: Introduction by Brian McBay &    Homeosociopaths: Tracing Cracks in the World by Dan Adleman   PDF

2007 Looking Back: Books, Frieze, no. 104 by Maria Fusco  PDF