Barack Obama Masks, portfolio of 27 inkjet prints, 12.75" x 10.375" each, portfolio 14.75"  x 12.375"  x 1.25 ", 2013

Text Photographs: Barak Obama Masks

With Barack Obama Masks as well as in my other projects, including Malcolm X: An Introduction and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Return of the Repressed, I’m attempting use art to bring to light the existing racism both historical and current in our culture so that we may confront it and deal with it. I hope that by  bringing it to light we can work against the racism that exists in society and the violence, both physical and emotional that is still being done, in order to create change.

installation in Looking Back at You: Masks by Artists at Confederation Centre Art Gallery, PEI, 2015
installation at the Apartment, Coast Salish Territory Vancouver, 2013