Jelena and the Magic Flute, installation view at CSA Space, 2020

Text fairytale PDF

Stephen Waddell, Claire Geddes Bailey, Luke Parnell, Rosamunde Bordo, Tom Richardson, Michael Lachman, Marina Roy, Rowan Melling, Diyan Achjadi, Stephanie Gagne, Shelley Rothenburger, Liljana Mead Martin curated by Dan Starling

Jelena and the Magic Flute is the first iteration of an experimental curatorial project that generates a new narrative through a sequential accumulation of artworks. The artists were chosen sequentially and the artworks were either selected in consultation with the artists or newly created specifically for the exhibition. Once all of the artworks were collected a fairy tale was written based on them that explores themes of environmental precarity in a media saturated landscape. Please see the PDF that accompanied the exhibition that includes the fairy tale as well as the biographies for all the participating artists.

photography by Avery Hannig